Napalm Death interviewed…by Ed Miliband!?

Napalm Death interviewed by Ed Miliband.

If you’ve reached the end of a hot Friday, especially if you’re reading this bathing in the lurve and heat of Worthy Farm, but just whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, we thought this story may put a smile on your face!

Former Labour Leader Ed Miliband, who is currently standing in for Jeremy Vine on B.B.C. Radio 2 has interviewed legendary death metal band, Napalm Death, and in particular their lead singer, Barney Greenway.

No, the heat isn’t getting to us (well, maybe a bit!), and we haven’t been drinking – yet!

If you don’t believe us, check out the video courtesy of BBC iPlayer, just navigate to 1:35.00 for the whole thing. Click on the link here.

While Napalm Death have never broken through into the mainstream (and arguably probably wouldn’t want to), there were pushed heavily by late Radio One presenter John Peel in the 1980’s to the extent that their sessions were later released on Peel’s own record label, from where this radio station gets its name, Strange Fruit Records.

In case you’ve been unaware of their work up until now, here’s a little taster! We’re sure Mr. Peel would feel proud!