Jerkcurb invites you into his “Voodoo Saloon”.

Jerkcurb's Voodoo Saloon

As if making fine tunes wasn’t enough, talented South Londoner Jerkcurb, is also great with a paintbrush being a fine artist.

The song is going to be released with a comic that takes us further into the mind of this multi-instrumentalist.

Of the song, says Jerkcurb: “”I’m very interested in theme parks, shopping centres, airports,” says Jerkcub. “These kinds of non-places, purgatory environments, and how they are this Americanised bastardisation of cultures and ideas, cut and pasted together. The Voodoo Saloon is like a theme park version of Wetherspoons, a juxtaposition of cultures and ideas, making little sense, fermenting eternally in purgatory.”

He continues “The average British person will spend 8,760 hours in a pub during their lifetime. I had the opportunity to have a Bar Mitzvah when I was 13 years old, but I turned it down. I never became a man. There are lots of things in my life that I wish I had confronted. Confronted because of a momentary sense of discomfort, fear of stepping a foot out of the ‘zone’.

“Comfort is a dangerous thing. There’s a familiarity and routine about going to the pub, it offers a momentary form of escape from the things your suppose to do. There’s comfort in it, but there’s also excuse.”

“Voodoo Salon” is available from 4th August on Handsome Dad records, in the meantime have a listen below: