Want to get your demo aired on Strange Fruit Radio?

One of the main reasons that Strange Fruit Radio was created is to give those new artists and bands a chance to get their work aired on the radio. Most commercial stations, won’t air music that isn’t signed to a label, if not a major label during the evening let alone during the day. Even more so if you are ‘only’ performing in small local venues and attracting a minor following.

We are hoping to rectify that imbalance, while we have a 70/30 bias towards the commercially successful so-called ‘alternative/indie’ music during the day, we reverse that in the evening, overnight, and when the Jukebox is playing. So if you would like a chance of your music being played, send us all your details, who you are, where you’re from, upcoming gigs, etc., with some music files (.wav, .ram, .mp3) to demos [at] – we look forward to hearing YOU!