Confidence Man play with dolls in new video.

New video from Confidence Man

If you’ve seen enough horror films you are bound to have seen (eventually) fairly nasty and sadistic acts done to Ken & Barbie dolls, right?

Well Confidence Man have decided to feature this in the new video for their latest single “Boyfriend”.

The Brisbane band have in their colourful, stop-motion video for this track. In it, Ken and his poor friend Kevin get put through the wringer, being shredded, stapled, attacked with pliers, put in the microwave, sanded down, eaten by a dog and even blown up with dynamite. Far from being gruesome though, it really is just a fun and playful way to enact out some of the themes of the track itself, with the controlling hands even giving the middle finger to Ken.

Janet Planet from the band spoke about the making of both single and video: “We wrote this song at our home studio in about two hours. By the end of the day we were so excited and drunk that lots of stupid ideas seemed to be working… which is where the lyric ‘I hate bacon and eggs’ comes from. It’s probably not something we would come up with normally, but the next day when we listened back it turned out to be our favourite part. As for the video, we haven’t played with Barbies for a while, but it seemed like the right time to get my old Ken dolls out”.

The Berlin-based directors for the video Schall & Schnabel added: “This was the most absurd shot list we ever had to work on; finally we could live out all our wildest childish fantasies. And you’ll always learn something from a new production: in this case, Ken is hard to knock around, Kevin is easier to crush”.

Confidence Man are playing The Moth Club tonight, and The Open Air Festival next month in St. Gallen on 1st July, you can check out the surreal video for “Boyfriend” below.

It really is a great song, and has not only been added to the Strange Fruit Radio playlist, but will be featured on our “New Release Hour” too – ooh ahh – as The Mary Whitehouse Experience once said in their opening credits…

We thank you!