Alternative JukeboX

At the current stage of our development, Strange Fruit Radio runs a Jukebox service, which most radio stations have as a similar element to their programme schedule, especially overnight.

At present, we run “New Fruit” segments at various times, which are separated by continuous music. Obviously, the more presenters we have “on-air”, the less of the Jukebox you will hear, until we are able to manage a full Programme Schedule, although it will probably always have a part to play in our programming, at some point of the day or night.

Our plan is to evenutally run a continuous music service on the JukeboX Channel with presenters on the other, but for the moment, we have two separate channels of music that you can enjoy – different content on both, so feel free to try them out!

You can listen to the “Launch Player” by clicking the big green button right, the JukeboX by clicking on the button to the right¬†“Launch JukeboX” to start their respective radio players. You will see a list of the last 10 songs played on the JukeboX under the “Launch JukeboX” button, as well as the current song being played in the radio player box.